Grapes and Juice available fall 2013

Grapes and/or Juice for Your personal Wine making 

At this time we will have grapes or juice available for the next years harvest which begins in August.  However because of the recent change in the Tennessee laws we are considering becoming a Farm Winery.  If we make that decision the of course we will be using all of our grapes for wine.

Cayuga grapes is harvested around mid August and Traminette late August or early September..  Call or  email to reserve your order. mbishop1137@gmail.com or 615-790-0209

Reds will be harvested later in the early Fall.

Keep in mind there is a limited amount of grapes and juice. Orders will be filled in the order they were placed.

Amount of grapes and juice is dependent on the yearly harvest. It differs each year 
 Harvest:   Each year is different; therefore, there can be no guarantee of grape quality or quantity.  Grape quality and quantity depends on the weather and other conditions (birds, Animals, etc)  during the growing season. Except for our year of the “big freeze” where we had no grapes to harvest, harvest quality has been very good.

White grapes:  Traminette and Cayuga.  Traminette is said to be a Gewürztraminer style but to me it is more like a Riesling, very floral and fruity.  Cayuga is like a Sauvignon Blanc style.  Both make a very nice wine.  Both are very versatile and lend themselves to dry, off dry or sparkling wine.  These are harvested in mid to late August when they reach about 18 Brix.

            Pricing:  White grapes are $1.00 a pound.   It takes about 15 pounds to make one gallon of juice.  One gallon will produce 5 bottles of wine.   I have a 90 lb or 6 gallon minimum. You may take your grapes home and finish them yourself.  If you want juice ready for fermentation I will crush, de-stem, and press and cold settle the juice for you giving you a clear juice that is ready to ferment.. Chemical analysis will be provided (pH, Brix, sp.gr., total acid), and sufficient potassium metabisulfite added for preservative.  For juice I charge $20 per gallon.

 Red grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Syrah.  The viniferas are harvested mid September at 22-26 Brix.  

             Pricing::  The reds are $1.45 per pound. You may take them home and finish them your self or I will crush and de-stem them for you.  Chemical analysis will be provided (pH, Brix, sp.gr., total acid) and sufficient potassium metabisulfite for preservative. This will be a charge of $7.00 per 90 pounds.   NOTE:  reds are not pressed at the time of crushing. This is a second process, since reds are fermented with skins on, pressing occurs later.  If you do not have access to a press, you may make an appointment and bring your fermented juice to my farm for pressing.  Cost will be $10 per 6 gallons.

 Payment:  Those interested in Grapes or Juice must place a 50% deposit on their order.  The remainder will be paid upon receipt of order.

 Buyers will be notified of the date of harvest about 2 weeks in advance.  They will need to call and let us know if they want to pick up their grapes/juice the day of harvest or prefer to set an appointment for later pick up.  Payment can be made by personal check or PayPal. 

 You will need to bring your own containers for grapes or juice.  If buying juice is is best to bring a washed and sterilized container with cork.

If you fail to pick up your juice or grapes, you will  lose your deposit.

Sorry, we do not ship.  All orders must be picked up.  

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